Chapel Baits Session Pack Soft Hookers

Session Pack Soft Hookers

We have listened to our customers and we are proud to announce a tweak to what we can offer on the session stands. We have introduced soft hookers in the flavours which run through our stands. These expanders are packed with attractants and bursting with flavours. They are robust enough to withstand casting our on a waggler or shipping out or striking on the pole numerous times prior to coming off the hook.
Flavours Available:
Coconutty Tutti Fruitti Krill Bloodworm

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Great tips to try with Chapel Baits Boilie Range

Try wrapping a paste around boilies to give it extra attraction. This leeching of flavour acts almost like a PVA bag in that it draws fish, sending signals to all species. A target bait like this is a good edge – it can even help mask your hook – but don't always presume you have to match boilie flavour with the exact flavour paste.

Boilies make a great hookbait, but they're also an excellent attractor, too. But to make the most of them, why not crumble them up and then place in a PVA stocking or bag. This, combined with a hookbait of the same boilie, is a great combination.

Try a snowman rig. This is essentially two boilies – one a bottom bait, one a pop-up – put on the same hair-rig. You'll find that the buoyancy of the pop-up is off-set against the weight of the bottom bait, creating a critically-balanced set-up. Use them with same flavour baits or try tipping with our hi-attract Chapel Baits Coconutty glug.

Boilies tend to be round, but these can become familiar to carp. Why not try fishing half a boilie instead? Not only will this look different, you will have broken the skin and allowed added scent to escape into the water, too. You can even try multiple broken boilies on a hair fished in conjunction with a PVA bag of broken baits.

Always remove a few baits from every bag and store them in a sealed container that's been doused in one of our powerful Chapel Baits Glugs, available in a range of flavours. This lets the boilie really absorb high concentrations of flavour letting off an intense signal. This trick can often be used to provide a target bait over boilies.

There are times when one single bait, with no feed around it, can catch you more fish. We've had great results on our Chapel Baits Fluro pop-ups, as well as single bottom baits. You can also leave your baits in a tub of lake water prior to fishing so they appear washed out. On very hard-fished lakes, carp can wait until boilies lose lots of flavour and colour before eating them, meaning they are old and safe.

Mix and match your Chapel Baits boilies using multiple colours and flavours so carp graze over baited areas and don't get nervous of any particular bait. Try our Tutti-Frutti, Krill or Strawberry as boilie base and spod our mixed particles over the top.