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Chapel Baits Sesion Pack Pellets

Sesion Pack Pellets

A unique alternative to the usual pellets that circulate the market, one that the fish are sure not to have seen before. With the Chapel Baits range of flavours, there is something to suit every angler, and tempt every fish.

These pellets are absolutely brilliant all year round due to their stable breakdown times, and median oil levels. Designed to be fished in conjunction with our range's glugs, boilies and method mix to maximise your catch rate.
Flavours Available:
Coconutty Tutti Fruitti Krill Bloodworm

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Great tips to try with Chapel Baits' pellet range

Chapel Baits has a good range of pellets that match the boilies and glugs so you can have a perfect family of feed and use PVA bags of pellets with an identical flavour signal to your hookbait. Once carp are switched on to certain flavours, this will enhance your ‘run rate'.

Pellet colour can make a difference on some waters. Trial tests have shown that on clearer waters a light-coloured pellet can bring best results, while on more coloured conditions a darker pellet is an edge. The theory is based on visibility with a light pellet standing out in clear venues and a deep coloured one offering a silhouette in murky pools and rivers. With this in mind, it can pay to always carry two different tubs of Chapel Baits' pellets.

Most fish like pellets and they are a resilient bait – on some venues you can't use a maggot as small nuisance fish will grab it before a bigger, target specimen moves in. Traditionally pellets are seen as a bottom bait on rivers and lakes, but they are make for a brilliant trotted offering under a stickfloat for barbel and chub. Use a banded pellet, on a size 14 hook, and feed four or five loose offerings every trot through.

Try dampening your pellets to make them soft – they can then be used with a mould and method feeder. Simply half fill a bait tub, put half a cupful of water in it, then place the lid back on top. Give the whole lot a shake and then pour away the excess water. Leave to stand and the pellets will naturally absorb the liquid. Also try adding on of our Chapel Baits' glugs to the box prior to coating for added attraction.

A drilled pellet on the hook can often score, but switching to a double bait can sometimes take catches to the next level. Small differences can spark terrific results so have several hooklengths made up. Coating the hookbait in a paste is also a great tactic.

Chapel Baits Multi-Mix and Carp Pellets are available in a Spod Friendly bucket and are a clever addition to the thinking angler's armoury as they are anti-spook. By combining colours and sizes, you also deliver different breakdown times so there's always a feast developing in the swim. The wide selection of bait choices also encourages shoal fish to graze and once that feeding spark is triggered, they are more likely to make a mistake with the hookbait.

When the temperatures begin to drop, a low oil pellet is a safer baiting solution as some fish can become wary of high oil content. With an oil level of just 5 per cent, the Chapel Baits' Carp Pellets are superb either spodded, catapulted or used in PVA. Available in micro or standard sizes, the buckets give a varied breakdown time ensuring a great bed of bait.

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