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Chapel Baits Particles Hemp

Particles Hemp

Solely a hemp mix, a bait with a huge reputation for the capture of numerous and frequent big fish, but this time with a ‘Chapel Baits` boost.

We have been able to produce ready to use hemp sourced from only the best suppliers, and then flavoured to maximise attraction.
Flavours Available:
Natural Chilli

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Get the most from Chapel Baits' particles with these top tips

Spodding particle is a key tactic for carpers but try adding some Chapel Baits' groundbait and even a splash of evaporated milk to the mix – it will cloud and hang in the water column pulling cruising fish that are milling around off the deck.

Hempseed is still a quite brilliant attractor for all species. Mix it with pellets for an ultimate carpet bait for carp, tench, bream and even barbel and chub. When fishing for river fish, you must use a bait dropper to lay the carpet down otherwise the particles will wash away and not get concentrated.

It pays to mix and match when fishing multiple rod set ups especially on new waters or when the weather is changeable. Try one rod on nothing but particles. Introduce different sizes and blends such as Chapel Baits' PartiMix, Spod Mix, Hemp and Micro Spod to the swim and then present a small natural bait over the top of it – maybe a grain of maize. This line of attack can often score as it attracts all species and encourages a feeding frenzy.

A good tip is to keep spodding particles regularly and build up a ‘dinner bell' effect. Match anglers feed little and often as fish become aware of bait entering the swim. The same can happen with bigger fish as they become aware of fresh bait and new food entering the lake or river. Activity prompts activity and far from being scared of spods, on some waters they actually sit underneath the splash waiting for a free meal.

When the fish are really on, use our particle range straight in the feeder and just cap each end with a skim of groundbait. The amount of food – cracked maize, groats, hemp etc – that is contained in one feederful will help you put down a carpet really quickly and satisfy shoal fish that can easily move into the next swim if they're not fed correctly.