PVA Friendly

Chapel Baits Glugs with Bits

Glugs with Bits

Our new thick glugs are designed to give you the edge over anglers, and fool more fish into taking your hook-bait. Since our glugs have been designed with high viscosity, we can assure that it will stick to your bait as it passes through the water column, leaving a highly attractive aroma around your bait on the lake bed.

Since it is also P.V.A friendly, the glug works perfectly when added to P.V.A bags, once again leaving a strong scent trail that fish are sure to home in on. The final ‘secret' to this baits super success is the addition of bits contained within the glug.

Flavours Available:
Bloodworm Chilli Krill Tigernut

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Tips to try with Chapel Baits' glugs

Glugs offer intense flavour and are superb for soaking ready-tied PVA stocking bags in to create mini flavour bombs. Simply tie the bag, which may contain pellets, particles, boilies or groundbait, roll it around in the glug, and leave to sit in a tub to absorb the flavour. The liquid wont melt the PVA as it's bag-friendly!

Slick your ‘floaters' up with a good helping of Chapel Baits glug. Tip the floaters in a bucket, squirt in a helping of CB glug, put the top on the bucket and shake for 30 seconds until fully coated. When you fire the floaters out, oily flavour will flatten the surface of the water, removing all ripple, pulling carp into the swim and making presentation easier.

Try glugs in groundbait to enhance your feed. Add the liquid during the mixing stage by placing the enhancer with lake water. Slowly blend your feed adding a bit at a time. Also put the glug/water mix into an atomiser so as your groundbait dries out, you can pep it back up with a flavour boost.

Dip your Method feeder in a glug just seconds before you cast out. This super-charges the method and will remain on the feeder once it hits the lake bed, adding a halo of cloud and flavour around your feed.

Use old film canisters to put the business end of your baited rigs into. Next, pour in a mix of glug and water, and then place the rig and canister full of flavoured liquid into the freezer. Make a variety of these ‘rig lollies' up before your session and transport them in a mini freezer in your car – these are widely available for camping. Carp lollies cast well and are great when fishing into weed as they don't get tangled and simply melt away leeching attractants into the water. Also, try adding particles when freezing each lolly.