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My uncle started taking me fishing with him when I was 9. We used to go on the river Dove and the canals and I was "hooked" straight away!!! My Grandad also used to take me to the river Dove for a few hours once a week, I have to laugh now because i was lucky to fish for 1/2 an hour.....he had the rod the rest of the time !!!! I got involved in match fishing for the local youth club then started to fish for British Gypsum once a year in a team event at JCB at Rocester.In my second year I was placed second in my section and was awarded a trophy....Unforgettable!!!

As the years have passed I've fished from rivers to ponds and lakes with an occasional open match resulting in a few wins. I turned my attention to specimen fishing ,carp, barbel and in the winter pike but for the last four years my main target and my passion is the Wels catfish which I target from April to September,then back to pike again until April!!!!

My personal bests are Wels catfish 54lb 3oz,Cudmore Sturgeon 24lb 6oz Lychgate, Pike 21lb 9oz River Dove, Mirror carp 20lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Grass carp 20lb 2oz Shattersford, Common carp 19lb 5oz BMAA club pool, Zander 15lb 3oz unamed venue, Barbel 14lb 6oz River Trent, Bream 10lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Tench 8lb 8oz Pirelli pool, Chubb 5lb 8oz, River Dove, Eel 5lb 4oz Pirelli pool, Perch 3lb 2oz Fleam stream,(runs into the river Dove). 

17 Apr 2012

The Heavens open at Cudmore !!!

The Heavens open at Cudmore !!!


Well another 48hr session was on the cards and after having some milder temperatures I thought maybe the cats would be on the move, so decided to book at Cudmore Fisheries. My wife and I arrived in the afternoon on Tuesday 17th April and after having a look around the pools and chatting with the very friendly crew decided to try on Tara, despite the fact that not many carp had been out (my other quarry).

Avoca would have been my preferred choice but due to the amount of anglers I couldn't get on the pegs I would have liked to.

We paid and went to get our gear from the car and down came the rain/hail....had this weather waited for us?!

We knew the weather report wasn't good but these next 48hrs were the better of the forecast for the week! We sheltered in the car until it stopped then hurried to get the bivvy up and get my rods set up, within about 2 hours everything was sorted and I was fishing despite regular outbursts of rain.

Rod 1 was set up with 2 x 10mm plum & black pepper boilies fished inconjuction with a small pva bag containing 15 x 10mm plum and black pepper boilies as I wanted everything tidy and tight around the hook bait, this I cast straight out just short of an island into approx 3ft of water.

Rod 2 was set up with a small dead bait roach which was free lined over blood n worm groundbait to my right............

With rods in position we had to shoot into the bivvy as the hail/rain came very heavy, we ended up getting in our sleeping bags as nothing was happening, the temperatures had dropped right down! Time for some zzzzzzz's !!!!

Sure enough we'd just nodded off and rod 2 alarm went off, it was 9.55pm and the result was a nice 6lb predator, not the kind I was after but it was very welcome with it being the first fish and saving a blank. Tara has a good head of pike as well as Wels catfish.

I re-baited both rods before getting back into the bivvy absolutely wet through as it was chucking it down. I had to turn my receiver up above the noise of the torrential rain, time for more kip!

Just after midnight rod 1 alarm went off and I flew out the bivvy and struck...I was in! This felt a good fish and after about 10 mins it was in the net, a very rotund mirror as fat as a football weighing in at 17lb 10oz, well pleased, worth getting soaked for!


At 2.30am on Wednesday another mirror weighing 7lb on rod 1 and again at 7am another weighing 10lb 7oz.


All went quiet until 12.55 pm when rod 2's alarm went off and this resulted in a nice 8lb 1oz pike then no further action for a few hours until 16.35 when rod 2 went off again and this produced a beautiful 12lb 9oz pike, (the weather by now had been very wet and windy for hours).


The last thing we expected happened next, we got a phone call from our "dog sitter" who'd had a car accident, thankfully he was ok but couldn't get back to our two dogs so chaos as I had to fetch my rods in and leave everything urgently to get Ang back home in the 5.30 Stoke rush hour traffic !! I was close to breaking every speed limit worrying about the dogs and my stuff, but within 2 hours I was back and fishing again! Yes it was still raining!!

With this being my last night and no action from the cats I changed rod 2 to a carp rig set up, same as rod 1 but with only one boilie still fished in conjunction with a pva bag.           

After making a hot drink I got back in my sleeping bag and got my head down, it was still raining heavy. At 23.35pm rod 1 went off and I landed another beauty…… 16lb 8oz mirror, difficult to photo as I had to set the camera on the cool box with the self timer, no joke in the rain but I managed it in the end. As I was returning that carp my other rod went off Typical!!! I was in again and this time it was a 13lb 10oz mirror.


I recast but to no avail and after waiting all morning with nothing happening I decided to pack my stuff up as the rain stopped.....I got everything away except for my bivvy and yes you guessed it just as I was taking it down it the heavens opened again!! Oh well just had to set it up in the garden when I got home so it got chance to dry out!!!

Can't wait to get onto the bank again for my next fishing excursion!!!