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My uncle started taking me fishing with him when I was 9. We used to go on the river Dove and the canals and I was "hooked" straight away!!! My Grandad also used to take me to the river Dove for a few hours once a week, I have to laugh now because i was lucky to fish for 1/2 an hour.....he had the rod the rest of the time !!!! I got involved in match fishing for the local youth club then started to fish for British Gypsum once a year in a team event at JCB at Rocester.In my second year I was placed second in my section and was awarded a trophy....Unforgettable!!!

As the years have passed I've fished from rivers to ponds and lakes with an occasional open match resulting in a few wins. I turned my attention to specimen fishing ,carp, barbel and in the winter pike but for the last four years my main target and my passion is the Wels catfish which I target from April to September,then back to pike again until April!!!!

My personal bests are Wels catfish 54lb 3oz,Cudmore Sturgeon 24lb 6oz Lychgate, Pike 21lb 9oz River Dove, Mirror carp 20lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Grass carp 20lb 2oz Shattersford, Common carp 19lb 5oz BMAA club pool, Zander 15lb 3oz unamed venue, Barbel 14lb 6oz River Trent, Bream 10lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Tench 8lb 8oz Pirelli pool, Chubb 5lb 8oz, River Dove, Eel 5lb 4oz Pirelli pool, Perch 3lb 2oz Fleam stream,(runs into the river Dove). 

13 Jul 2012

Shane goes in search of old warriors in a pristine pit

Despite the constant rain I was determined to do this "fish in" and nothing was going to stop me! On Sunday evening 8/7/12 I set up and was fishing by 9pm. (Only me on the lake....pure bliss)! I was targeting carp but this time using a custom made boilie created to my own recipe by Chapel Baits!

This can be a difficult water to fish but there were lots of surface activity so my hopes were high!

I was using only bottom baits and my chosen swim was one of the corners of the lake which had a few trees to my right and some reeds to my left, without further adieu I pre-baited my first swim on the left hand side which was approx 3 feet from the bank and 20 feet to my left tight against the reeds at a depth of approx 5 feet. I put in about 20 freebies and half a pint of casters, to which I put my bait, a single boilie fished on a hair rig, size 8 barbless hooks on a simple free running lead then at the tip of my rod a simple back lead to pin the whole thing down.

My right hand rod was cast half way across towards the trees which was also going to be fished tight into the marginal shelf, I catapulted half a dozen freebies then fished a pva bag with crushed boilies & a single hook bait, rig for this was a helicopter with the aid of a flying back lead.

At 1am the right alarm burst into life, I connected to a nice curve in my rod which resulted in a lovely mirror weighing 14lb! Well happy!!! Quickly re baited & cast as before, back to the bivvy to try and get dry!!!(Also get some sleep). At 1.55am the right hand alarm sounded again and I was in again! This time a 15lb 4oz mirror.....Oh Baby! Recast and back to the bivvy to get some shut eye, this time to wake up to the sound of the birds singing ! Rods brought in… Pre bait swims as before, kettle on and re cast. The day passed fruitless and evening arrived, not much activity on the surface during the day. At 11.15pm the right rod went again, fish on and it feels a better fish. After a 15 min battle a 19lb 11oz mirror was on the bank....Fantastic!


Due to the weather I sacked this fish so that I'd be able to have a proper look in daylight 2.20am left hand margin rod alarm went off and I was met by a powerful beastie on the end of my rod which turned out to be a new personal best for me.......a right warrior of a mirror carp weighing in at 23lb 2oz, retained in a separate sack as the fishery manager Paul Richardson was coming to see me later that morning and would take photos.


I never recast left rod, was pleased with my result, I'd ran out of bait! Well happy once again, why not try your own flavour boilie? Chapel Baits will make it for you!!!! Good luck Shane