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My uncle started taking me fishing with him when I was 9. We used to go on the river Dove and the canals and I was "hooked" straight away!!! My Grandad also used to take me to the river Dove for a few hours once a week, I have to laugh now because i was lucky to fish for 1/2 an hour.....he had the rod the rest of the time !!!! I got involved in match fishing for the local youth club then started to fish for British Gypsum once a year in a team event at JCB at Rocester.In my second year I was placed second in my section and was awarded a trophy....Unforgettable!!!

As the years have passed I've fished from rivers to ponds and lakes with an occasional open match resulting in a few wins. I turned my attention to specimen fishing ,carp, barbel and in the winter pike but for the last four years my main target and my passion is the Wels catfish which I target from April to September,then back to pike again until April!!!!

My personal bests are Wels catfish 54lb 3oz,Cudmore Sturgeon 24lb 6oz Lychgate, Pike 21lb 9oz River Dove, Mirror carp 20lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Grass carp 20lb 2oz Shattersford, Common carp 19lb 5oz BMAA club pool, Zander 15lb 3oz unamed venue, Barbel 14lb 6oz River Trent, Bream 10lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Tench 8lb 8oz Pirelli pool, Chubb 5lb 8oz, River Dove, Eel 5lb 4oz Pirelli pool, Perch 3lb 2oz Fleam stream,(runs into the river Dove). 

6 Jun 2012

A 2hr Stalking session with Chapel Baits goodies!!!

A 2hr Stalking session with Chapel Baits goodies!!!

At the last minute on Wednesday evening 6th June I decided to try my luck on a pretty local water called  Hamstall Ridgeware where I hadn't fished for years!!!

Travelling light I was equipped only with 1 rod set up with a crystal waggler, size 6 barbless hook and 10lb mainline straight through. It was peeing down for the first half hour then the sun came out and it was beautiful. Ang and I were the only ones on the pool but as Ang wasn't fishing I had the pool to myself (that don't happen very often)!!

After a quick walk round the small pool I decided on a spot where there's an over hanging tree & after a quick plumb up my bait was fished 1 foot over depth, bait being bread partially dipped in Chapel Baits plum and black pepper sticky dip. Within 15 mins my float started to move and slightly bob then slid away ...I was in!

This fish took about 5 mins to net & resulted in a superb common weighing 10lb 2oz....result!!! Time to recast and wait.....but not for long!!! Within about 10 mins my float was off again and this time after a slightly longer fight I netted another common which was an even better weight, just short of 12lb!!!

Fish had now started to top so tried floating bread but was pestered by ducks so decided to pack up, but well happy and just shows that no matter how short a time you get its worth it to try, you may land a personal best !!! (The versatility of the Chapel Baits range is endless!!! Don't be afraid to experiment)........Shane