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My uncle started taking me fishing with him when I was 9. We used to go on the river Dove and the canals and I was "hooked" straight away!!! My Grandad also used to take me to the river Dove for a few hours once a week, I have to laugh now because i was lucky to fish for 1/2 an hour.....he had the rod the rest of the time !!!! I got involved in match fishing for the local youth club then started to fish for British Gypsum once a year in a team event at JCB at Rocester.In my second year I was placed second in my section and was awarded a trophy....Unforgettable!!!

As the years have passed I've fished from rivers to ponds and lakes with an occasional open match resulting in a few wins. I turned my attention to specimen fishing ,carp, barbel and in the winter pike but for the last four years my main target and my passion is the Wels catfish which I target from April to September,then back to pike again until April!!!!

My personal bests are Wels catfish 54lb 3oz,Cudmore Sturgeon 24lb 6oz Lychgate, Pike 21lb 9oz River Dove, Mirror carp 20lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Grass carp 20lb 2oz Shattersford, Common carp 19lb 5oz BMAA club pool, Zander 15lb 3oz unamed venue, Barbel 14lb 6oz River Trent, Bream 10lb 12oz Pirelli pool, Tench 8lb 8oz Pirelli pool, Chubb 5lb 8oz, River Dove, Eel 5lb 4oz Pirelli pool, Perch 3lb 2oz Fleam stream,(runs into the river Dove). 

25 Mar 2012

72 hour session for carp and catfish at Home Farm Fisheries

                      72 hour session for carp and catfish at Home Farm Fisheries

After loads of sorting and preparation of tackle and rigs etc it was finally time to make our way to Home Farm Fisheries at Alsager for a pre booked 72hr session, (hadn't slept for the previous few nights, I was so excited!!!) The weather forecast was good for the 3 days so even more impressed and hopeful that a warm spell would bring the cats on the feed due to the high pressure.

Me and the wife arrived at 9.30am on Monday 26th March and Paul Pass the Manager showed us to our peg then left us to unpack and set everything up etc so we got to it!  I was finally fishing by 11.30am.The sun was already beating down and the sun tan lotion was out!!! 

I had around 15kg of Chapel Baits goodies as I wanted to give them a run for their money and try various methods with them, these were 14mm plum and black pepper,14mm fruit burst, greedy cat halibut (boilies),as well as 3 bags of blood n worm groundbait, 4kg of parti mix to which I had added a little something to give it a tweak, I also had the glugs to match the baits that I was using, lobworms and luncheon meat.

With 3 rods on the go I was hoping to be kept busy and I wasn't to be disappointed!!!!!

Looking out from the peg to my left was a willow tree, straight in front an island & to my right a bed of reeds about 30ft out from the bank in open water and also to the right was a channel about 20ft long leading into a quiet backwater off the main pool.

Day 1

I decided to set my rods up as follows:

Rod 1 cast to my left, Rod 2 cast to the island in front of us and rod 3 to the reeds on my right to start off.

Rod 1 set up with 18lb mainline onto a 2ft silt leader, onto which a helicopter rig consisting of a 1.5oz pear shaped lead with an 8" hook length and a size 6 barbless hook, to which I was using a halibut boilie, this I cast to the left of the island.

Rod 2 same set up but with a big run ring and a 1oz lead, 8" hook length with a fruit burst bottom bait with a 14mm pop up which was cast straight in front of me to the point of the island.

Rod 3 fishing a short chod rig with a single 14mm plum and black pepper boilie which was cast toward the reed bed in to open water.

Over the next 2-3 hrs I had put in approx 1kg of halibut over rod 1, 1kg of fruit burst over rod 2 and 2kg of parti mix and a handful of plum and black pepper boilies over rod 3, (I'd also already crushed a kg of each boilie ready to use in PVA bags) I started having line bite indications on each rod which showed the fish were moving in!

I bought the rods in after a while and recast, using a PVA bag on each one and settled back to wait and enjoy the sunshine.

3.40pm rod 1.....screaming run but never connected damn! At least things were moving though. At that it was time for a drink and some food and a bit of relaxation after the early get up!!!

At 6.10pm rod 2 produced a nice common of 3lb.

6.20 screaming run on rod 1……….big fish, maybe a cat but it got off!

7.20 rod 2 common 8lb 2oz

11pm rod 3 mirror 4lb 


At least some results, especially as it dropped really cold once the sun went down. Got in the bivvy & got our heads down around 11.30pm

Day 2

Up at 6am and re-baited all swims with another kg over each.

6.50 rod 2 Wels catfish 26lb 5oz, went straight for the reeds and put up a good scrap but after 15 mins it was mine !


7 cats caught that night/morning, mine was the biggest out so far this season I was well happy!

10.50am  rod 1 common 8lb

10.55am rod 3 common 6lb 9oz

12.20pm rod 3 common 10lb 3oz

12.45pm rod 3 bream 2lb

2.35pm  rod 3 mirror 3lb 

Went very quiet now due to the heat, could see large numbers of carp basking but they weren't feeding! Bought rod 1 in and set up a zig rig with a 14mm fruit burst pop up fished approx 7" under the surface, all stayed quiet for the next 3hrs,( no one was catching, temp was 22 degrees!)

5.40pm rod 1 common 3lb 12oz........the zig rig worked!

6.15pm rod 2 common 8lb 1oz

6.20pm rod 3 bream 1lb8oz

8.15pm rod 1 common 2lb, before re casting rod 1 I changed back to helicopter rig only this time hook bait was 1x fruit burst and 1x plum and black pepper boilies.

Things now went very quiet again so time to catch up on some sleep once I'd re-baited. Set my alarm for 5.30 am in case there was no activity during the night.

Shortly after midnight rod 1 alarm sounded but unfortunately I didn't connect so back to the bivvy for some shut eye!

Day 3.

My alarm woke me up so i put the kettle on for a cuppa and re-baited............

7.05am rod 1 another cat! 13lb 4oz brilliant! When Ang was taking my photo with it it decided to empty its bowels and I kid you not the smell of fruit burst was really strong, shows it'd been pigging out on them!!! 

8.40am rod 1 common 4lb

10.06 rod 3 linear 11lb 6oz

11.30am rod 2 mirror 5lb 4oz

12.40 rod 3 common 4lb

I was running short on PVA bags so went and purchased some from Paul at the cabin, Ang went for a shower in the brand new facility on site (recommended by her………costs £1.00 and is well worth it), we met a really nice couple and had a good old fishing natter about venues, techniques and had a run in with the sites resident male goose called Charlie....not what Ang called him but that's swearing!!!!

After that we kept a small stick to hand just to deter him as he has a history!!!! Let's just say he's bullet proof, his wings are like a shield of steel lol!!! It was very hot again and the fish once again were just basking, so frustrating to see them all but not catching (I did try a zig again but the birds kept going after the baits)!

Any chance of making em duck proof ?!!!

Ang decided to have a dabble with the pole & tried in the small pool at the back of us resulting in 7 x bream,5 x perch  and 2 x roach in an hour so she was well pleased.

4.35pm rod 2 common 3lb 5oz

As this was the last night I mixed up 2 bags of blood n worm ground bait to a wet consistency with a good dose of blood n worm glug, at 8.30pm  I pre baited the empty peg to the left of me where I intended to fish popped up worms over it later that night.(rod 1 )

9.15pm rod 2 mirror 1lb 7oz

10.30 rod 1 absolute SCREAMING run (1 toner), shot out the bivvy and connected, rod doubled over.....then nothing ***** gutted, that was a big cat!!!! Oh well re-bait and got it back out.

Day 4

Last few hours, pre baited at 5.30 am as other days.

The last few hours resulted in 4 commons for a total of 27lb 8oz

As usual all good things must come to an end and had to pack the stuff away ready to leave and join the real world again but not before being presented with a mug from the fishery by Paul for catching a fish over 15lb (this applies to everyone).


I was very pleased with the result and will definitely be returning to this great place and I was more than happy with the baits performances which had been really put through their paces!!!!!