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Angling has been a part of my life for nearly 20 years now, learning my ways and roots alongside George when fishing on the River Trent. I have to thank my father for being able to take both of us fishing on a weekly basis, especially when we used to come home stinking of fish (Thanks dad, it's because of you my passion became an obsession). My main interests are in match and pleasure fishing. It was noticed that i had a talent for the sport with winning many matches and catching big weights of roach on the rivers from an early age. Looking into the future, ever since George got back in contact, it has given me the opportunity to re-focus my efforts on the match scene (where i belong). Since my alliance with Chapel baits and getting back in to the swing of things, I have currently smashed 4 lake records and can't wait to break some more.... Long may this continue!!

3 Mar 2012

Clive visits Cob House in search of a big net full

Session Report





        Cob House Fisheries, Worcester (Laurel Pool).

Weather Conditions:

        Cloudy, Overcast, Breezy with occasional breaks of Sun.


        Method Feeder to 40 yards, pole @ 10m

Bait Used:

A mixture of Chapel Baits groundbait flavours were chosen for the day, this included Crayfish, GreenLipped Mussell, Strawberry and Blackcurrant.

Laced with hemp, caster, sweetcorn and 2mm fishery feeder pellets (flavoured with Fruit Burst Sticky Dip).

Hookbait used during the session, ChapelBaits 4mm Banana soft hookers, 6mm new soft hooker, Banana Match Dumbells, Banana match paste.

Tackle setup:

Feeder rod – setup using a Browning Hybrid BF630 reel loaded with 6lb main line, a 30g preston inline method feeder with a Korum quick change bead. 4lb hooklegnth to a number 16 Kamasan x-strong Animal barbless hook with a hair rig to a korum quick stop.

Pole – Three tips were setup for the session,  each tip being elasticated with the following. Double 4 Elastic, double 8 elastic and 16 elastic (not doubled).

The session in words:

It was 7.20 when we arrived at the fishery, which gave us time to have breakfast in the café and to look around before the fishery opened.

We setup on the Laurel Pool as the others were being used for matches, the Laurel Pool can accommodate up to 23 anglers and has a good stock of fish (Carp, Roach, Bream, Tench).

With it being so early in the morning, we were the first there to setup. My target fish for the session was primarily carp, but I was happy to catch anything that was feeding.

My session started off by cupping in sweetcorn and the prepared fishery 2mm feeder pellets on the pole line at 12 O'clock and caster and hemp at 10 O'clock, I kept both these swims fed during the session and occasionally dropped a line in to see if there were any fish feeding.

I then set off on the method feeder, using hair rigged sweetcorn to see if there were any early signs of fish in the swim. Within 5 minutes I was reeling in my first fish of the day, it was a carp of about 1.5lb, after a few more fish on the corn I switch my hookbait to 6mm soft hookers (again these were hair rigged) and the match dumbbells. Both baits were producing fish throughout the session; I kept bait going into the swim by casting regularly ever 5minutes if I hadn't had a bite. If I had a quiet spell on the method feeder, I switch over to the pole were I manage to pick up a few quality road and skimmers.




The session at Cob House was going well, but it got even better when a couple of juniors came over to say hello with their fathers. They said they were interested in joining the ‘Cob House Fishing Academy' as they had never caught a fish, so I felt I had to change that. I promised them both that the next two fish I hooked, they can reel in. The excitement on their faces was priceless as they were able to reel in the fish on the own with only a little help to steady the rod.







At the end of the session the nets weighed in at 42lb. A very pleasing result, although I will be aiming to smash the 100lb mark on my next visit as I plan to fish the Laugherne Island Pool.


I would personally recommend this fishery to anyone who gets the opportunity to go. The staff are very friendly, the lakes are well looked after.