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Angling has been a part of my life for nearly 20 years now, learning my ways and roots alongside George when fishing on the River Trent. I have to thank my father for being able to take both of us fishing on a weekly basis, especially when we used to come home stinking of fish (Thanks dad, it's because of you my passion became an obsession). My main interests are in match and pleasure fishing. It was noticed that i had a talent for the sport with winning many matches and catching big weights of roach on the rivers from an early age. Looking into the future, ever since George got back in contact, it has given me the opportunity to re-focus my efforts on the match scene (where i belong). Since my alliance with Chapel baits and getting back in to the swing of things, I have currently smashed 4 lake records and can't wait to break some more.... Long may this continue!!

13 Jun 2012

Clive fishes Moira Furnace Canal in a mid week match, how will he do against the regulars???




        Moira Furnace Canal, Derbyshire.

Weather Conditions:

        Dry and Cool.


        Pole @ 7m.

Bait Used:

Chapel Baits Blood ‘n' Worm groundbait, 4mm Crayfish Soft Hookers, Carp feeder Pellets, Blood ‘n' Worm Glug, Caster, Hemp.

Tackle setup:

Pole – this was setup at 7m, with a small pole cup attached to the tip of the top kit.

The session in words:

I was invited to join in at an evening match at the venue which started at 6.30 and finished at 9.30.

The peg a drew had a fair bit of weed throughout so I opted to fish just over half way across in a clear area at around 7m at both 12 o'clock (my main swim) and 10 o'clock (to be baited with feeder pellets). My approach to fishing the swim was to cup in a nugget of neat groundbait every put in, this was followed my 6 or so casters & hemp into the same swim and carp feeder pellets into my 10 o'clock swim.

I started off by fishing caster on the hook which I was getting slow responses on, so after half a dozen or so put ins I changed to the crayfish soft hookers. The response I got on them was pretty much instant and stayed like that throughout the rest of the session. On occasions when I waited slightly longer for I bite, I switched back to caster which they were still pretty slow to respond to (anything upto 5 minutes). After the first hour and a half I moved into the 10 o'clock swim, it took a few minutes before I got my first bite in the swim but it was a good sign that fish were feeding on the carp pellets. After a few roach and skimmers I hooked into something big, but unfortunately it shot off and snapped my hooklength. During the rest of the session I occasionally dropped into the 10 o'clock swim to pick up the odd skimmer but my main swim was still producing regular fish so I continued to fish it until the end. I finished up with a total of 22lb 14oz for second place.